Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 3 - A Wet Day of Trg (Trg day #2)

Well mother nature altered today's schedule (no long ride compliments of the rain). It essentially rained all day. Rumour has it that tomorrow we may finally see the sun and some above average temps.

Regardless of the rain I headed out the door for an easy run prior to anyone else being up. I put an easy 14km of running in. The legs were definately still feeling the pounding of the 30km from the previous day. By the time I got back to the house Catherine was up and shortly thereafter the party crew awoke (they party crew had taken in Orlando last night and returned at 3:00a.m.)

Elvy, Phil, and Dave S. just finished their swim!
After everyone was up we headed to the National Trg Centre for a swim. Thankfully today was a family day at the NTC and they were giving out free week memberships. We were all grateful for this freebie as that's $15/day staying in our pockets. Martin provided the MS for today's workout (20 x 100 on 2:00 alternating fast and easy). Most of us did about ~3200m while Dave L. and Martin did significantly more.

Dave L. and Martin finishing their MS.
Catherine completing a kick set.
Despite the rain Martin was adament to get a ride in this afternoon and I was crazy enough to join him. We left the house at ~16:30 and it didn't take long before we were soaked through. We did about 2hrs of riding and 67km. I performed the role of the domestique.

And for dinner Elvy (Martin's wife) surprised us all with a fantastic Sea Food Lasagna.
Dinner is served - compliments of Elvy!

Tomorrow the remainder of the CAF CISM Triathlon team arrives and Monday we kick off the trg camp.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Day 2 - Run, Bike, Swim, Run

So the purpose of today was to flush the legs and arms and get myself back into the training groove.

Up first this morning was an easy run. I had planned to run an easy 10km, but ended up running 12km.

Phil, Dave, and I following our ride!

Then I headed out on the bike with Dave S. and Phil. Martin, Dave L, and Elvy were going 200+km today and I didn't want to push the body quite yet. We did an easy to steady ~70km and of course the legs felt great (given the fact they've hardly been punished in the last 2 weeks).

Me, Phil, and Catherine
After lunch we headed down to the Lake for a swim. It was very windy and unfortunately the water was quite rough. So instead of swimming we decided it would be better to practice entrances and exits. All told I was hoping to get some swimming in but I had to settled for only 500m.

Phil practicing taking on fluids!
And finally Catherine was kind enough to drive the van back to our house so Dave, Phil, and I could run the ~18km home. Not only did she drive the van home, but she was also generous enough to provide an aid station at ~10kms.

D1 - Totals, S=500m, Bike=69km, Run=30km. Time=4:40.

Up for tomorrow weather permitting is run, swim @ NTC, and bike.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

The start of my 2015 Trg Camp - Clermont, FL

Always travel with Compressport - Today Full Socks!
So I finally made the decision this past fall to give draft legal racing a go. As as result I submitted my application to the CISM Triathlon Manager and was selected as a development athlete for the 2015 CAF CISM Triathlon Team. What that ment was a trip to Clermont, FL in March for a week of trg. A few of the folks decided to come down a week early and seeing as my boss was so kind I managed an extra couple of days off work.

So this morning I woke up and traveled to Edm Airport in -20C conditions and by the end of the day I was in Clermont, FL sitting at about 20C.

Thanks to WestJet for the smooth travels and for supporting the military!

Up tomorrow should be an easy session across each discipline. The real camp begins Monday, but I have a few extra days to start putting in some mileage.