Thursday, 31 December 2015

Looking forward to 2016!

Well 2015 was most certainly not what I had envisioned, but looking back it was a great learning experience.  Totals for the year were Swim 347km (110hrs), Bike 6851km (219hrs), and Run 2315km (166hrs). The numbers are a little lower compared to 2014 due to not racing Ironman and focusing more on short course in 2015. 

As I turn the page to 2016, I am excited to set out on another year of training and racing. Besides training and racing, I’ll be the race director for the St Albert Road Race in April, continue as the Long Course Triathlon Coordinator for the Canadian Armed Forces, and continue to coach a select few athletes towards their goals in 2016.

As for my goals:
#1 – Go sub 9hrs at Ironman Arizona (S 59:59, B 4:50, R 2:59)
#2 – Go sub 4:10 at Calgary 70.3 (S 28:30, B 2:15, R 1:20)
#3 – Upgrade to CAT 4 at the Tour of Bowness

My volume goals for 2016 will be Swim 780km, Bike 10,000km, Run 3000km. With the exception of the swim these are similar numbers to what I’ve done in past years racing Ironman. 

I think I’ve finally convinced myself that I need to spend more time in the pool. I just finished a solid month of swimming in December: 31 swims in 31 days for 84km swum during that period of time.

I've been mixing it up a little this winter with some Fat Biking. The kids love being pulled around in the pulk (I'll post a couple articles later this winter on my pulk/attachments and the kids Charge Cooker 20" and 24" Fat Bikes.)