Monday, 22 April 2013

The Road Trip is about to begin!

Well it’s been a good last couple weeks of training and I’m looking forward to heading South in another week. I had some good news in the last couple weeks, or at least some good news for my racing this year. I won’t be heading on a career course this summer so that means I get to race and focus on trying to secure a slot to Kona. You never know who will show up at any given race so you just have to roll the cards and come race day put it all on the line. So with that said I’ll be looking to secure a slot to both Las Vegas and Kona this year.

Look what showed up last week from Brooks Canada! A pair of Brooks Pure Flow 2s! Sweet!!!
We’ve got a big road trip planned for May as a family. You know you have an amazing wife when she is all for travelling some 10,000kms so that you can race in three different locations. First up will be a brief stay in St George, UT where I’ll be tackling the inaugural Ironman 70.3 St George. Training has been progressing very well though there have been several setbacks due to a course in Winnipeg and shortly thereafter being out of commission for a bit over a week due to a nasty chest cold (hence the reason no St Albert 10 Miler this year). Training the last couple weeks though has been very solid and the three disciplines seem to be shaping up well…though clearly the swim is still my weakest with the run being my strength .

After St George we’ll be heading to Tucson for a few days to catch up with my coach, Brian Grasky, and then we’ll be heading to The Woodlands for some family time followed by Ironman Texas. I’ll be honest, I am a little nervous heading into this Ironman without yet having put a single kilometer on the bike outdoors. Bike training this winter has been solid so I know the fitness is there. St George will serve as a tune-up and the two weeks between races should provide ample opportunity to fine tune my handling skills.

After Texas we’ll make the drive back up to Canada, but not Alberta. We’ll be heading to Ottawa, where my wife and I will both be racing the ½ Marathon at the Ottawa Race Weekend. It’s the CF Running Nationals so having raced an Ironman the weekend prior is far from ideal, but it’ll definitely be interesting to see how much I will have recovered in just over a week. Seeing as my family is all in Ottawa, it’ll also provide the opportunity to catch-up. 

And then finally it will be the long drive back home to Alberta! 

So let the racing begin! You can be sure I’ll keep you updated as the travelling unfolds.

Pizza & Veggie Tales Night!