Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Looking forward to 2013!

So as some of you are probably aware there are some changes coming to my racing in 2013. I have taken the last four or so weeks off from training and essentially done whatever I felt like and whenever I felt like it. It’s time to get back in the groove and start focusing on 2013.
Enjoying some time with the kids!
One of the big decisions I had to make was whether or not to take my Pro/Elite Card from Triathlon Canada. After talking the decision over with my family, coach, and a first year Pro Thomas Gerlach (someone who I really respect) I decided to stay in the AG ranks. I knew I would not compete for a win at the Pro level but the challenge and mental toughness was really what I was after. Essentially my not taking the Pro Card boiled down to my swim really being below a reasonable standard. So expect to see me in the pool a lot this winter.

My race schedule for 2013, though I have one, is still a bit in limbo. I have a schedule through to the end of June but after that things are a bit of an unknown…there is a possibility that I will be on a career course from July 2013-June 2014 and thus no racing and probably minimal training. However, as is life in the military, things can change. So if the career course falls back to 2014, then the plan will be to try and race Kona again in 2013. 

Additions are also coming on the Sponsor front. 

I’ve known Cam and Elise, the owners of Element Multisport in Edmonton, for the past four years and they have graciously agreed to bring me on as a sponsored athlete. So I’m very much looking forward to working with them. They have also hooked me up with a bike sponsor…seeing as I don’t have my new rigs yet I won’t let the cat out of the bag. However, I will provide a couple hints. 1 - it’s a Canadian Company, but probably not the one most people are thinking of and 2 – it was ridden by one of the top ten athletes in Kona.

X-1 powered by H2O Audio has added me to their team. I’ve been using the H2O Interval for the past few years so going with X-1 was an easy decision. 

Finally thanks to Brian Michasiw at Brainsport, Brooks has agreed to assist me this year. So you’ll get to see some more flashy shoes…the bright orange Brooks Connects are exactly that!

And hopefully there will be a few more…

One final change coming in 2013 is coaching. I’ll be attending the NCCP coaching course in Saskatoon later this month and then most likely working under the guidance of Brian Grasky at GEC. I’ll be looking to work with a select few long course athletes for the upcoming season. If you’re interested send me a msg.