Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Monster Week (for Me) of Trg

Saturday Night Ride in the Pain Cave!
So January has been a month of building volume while trying to more consistently spend time in the pool. To put the volume in context, I typically trained 14 hrs per week last year with the odd week in the 16hr range. In January the volume was 18.6, 16.5, 17.9, and 21.3hrs for weeks 1-4 respectively.

And as for swimming, well it has gotten better but still not quite as consistent as I would like. I managed 5, 3, 5, and 5 swims with the mileage at 16.7, 10.6, 14.5, and 14.8 kms for weeks 1-4 respectively. I am trying to aim for 5 swims per week with a weekly average of 15 km.

So how did the monster week look? The week consisted of 14.8 km of swimming (5 swims), 296 km of biking (4 rides), and 106 km of running (8 runs). With a maximum swim of 3600 m (1:10), maximum bike of 132 km (4:00), and a maximum run of 30 km (2:10). And despite the amount of training (and drainage), I still got to spend an enormous amount of time with the kids this week. Looking forward to a slightly easier but more intense week.

And on a different note....good news, I am headed to Edmonton next weekend to spend Saturday with Cam and Elise at Element. I got the good news this past week that my new frameset is in the shop. Looking forward to spending Saturday at Element building up my new rig, learning a thing or two about bike mechanics, and helping around the shop. Stay tuned for pics and my bike sponsor announcement!

And of Course being Canadian Watching Hockey Night in Canada!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Winter Cycling in Cold Lake

The Cold Lake Rum Runners Cycle Class Getting Down to Business!

So we had the official kick-off to Cold Lake Rum Runners Indoor Cycle Class for 2013 yesterday at Mackenzie School at CFB Cold Lake. We had a good turnout with eight participants. Seeing as I was leading the workout this day, we started with a brief warm-up including single leg drills and then moved into the main set which included high cadence work and the occasional standing up to stretch the legs out. I think the participants really enjoyed standing up while turning the pedals over at 100+rpm…there might have been a few ugly stares in my direction! Total workout duration was a little over the hour and we’ll be building from there. The best part about the setup at Mackenzie School is we get to ride while our kids get to enjoy the awesome playground with all the equipment.
The Setup at Mackenzie School
Klara had fun too!
For anyone in Cold Lake looking to up their cycling game this winter, check-out the workout on Saturday Mornings starting at 0900hr between now and April. This is my way of giving back to the sport!

James Enjoying the Slide!

Thanks to those who came out and looking forward to next week!

Stay tuned new bike announcement coming soon!