Sunday, 30 March 2014

Time for an Update in 2014!

Well it’s been far too long since my last update to my blog. Following my disappointing result at Kona I took a couple months off to refocus and figure out what I was going to do this upcoming year. I’ll be honest it’s taken me a while to get over the disappointment at Kona. It’s hard when you don’t know what really happened. I ultimately think it was a combination of not being mentally prepared on the day and biking harder than I should have (though my power numbers would disagree – I won’t bother to elaborate here). Following Kona, there was also a lot going on at work with some major career choices that I had to make. I ultimately turned down a great opportunity in favour of a posting back to my roots this summer (presuming my posting msg comes in as advertised). With the move back it should facilitate another run at Kona this year. 

Prior to Kona I knew it was time to make a move back to self coaching. It’s expensive when you have that calibre of coach, but the cost was most certainly worth the reward. I am so extremely grateful for the previous two years of coaching by Brian Grasky. He brought me to a new level and under his guidance I was able to make two trips to the big Island. If you are looking to step-up your game then I would strongly recommend Brian’s services. I’ll be forever grateful of Brian guidance and the extensive knowledge I have learned from his coaching expertise.

A little fun in the winter with the kids!
It was a great off-season and an even better base period. I was once again able to lead the Saturday morning indoor cycle class for the Cold Lake Rum Runners and Cold Lake Cycling Club.
On the sponsorship/ambassador front this year it’s still promising. I’m thankful for the continued support from Element Multisport, Compressport Canada, X-1 Audio, and Argon 18 (thru Element). Brooks Management structure changed significantly in the fall (Brooks in Canada is now under the U.S. management) and as such the relationship I had with Brooks Canada is no longer there. As I love the Brooks shoes I’ll continue to run in them though I’ll now rely on Brian Michasiw and his crew at Brainsport in Saskatoon to keep my feet flying.
A new set of kicks, Brooks Pure Flow 2s, from Brainsport!

And as an added addition this year, I’ve moved from some unofficial coaching in the past to coaching a few clients on the side. If you are looking for assistance to meet your goals, I might just be able to help you out.